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Teaching Teamwork Through Video Game Development (Tech2Learn Series)

May 11, 2012
It's the three basic elements in the learning ...

It’s the three basic elements in the learning process (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is one thing that I did not learn in public schooling:  one does not get it right on the first try.  In the static teaching I got, I wonder if I learned anything that was useful in the day and age we all live in today?  There is more to learning than facts and figures.

Schools taught then and they still teach that grades are the most important thing in learning.  Failure is a must in the learning process.  In a dynamic process in doing anything in life, the final project will show if everything was learned.  In the final result, the grade is hardly an issue.  What are important are the results of what the team has done.

All through any project, failure will happen.  That is life, and students in the classroom must understand this very important concept, so they can embrace it when they are in a career job as adults.  We all can learn from failure more than from a boring and static teaching method.  That proves that there is more to learning than what is written in a textbook.  Sooner or later, students must apply what they have learned as a team.

If students do not get this form of training in the classroom, then they will not be ready for 21st-century career jobs.  Employers are begging public schools to teach collaboration and team working skills with all the academic processes.  In a globalized world we all live in, these skills are just as important if not much, much more.  Things are not the same as it was prior to the industrial age.  This past age is now buried and barely in the history books.

Only the radical baby boomers are trying to hold onto this now ancient past.  It is interesting to note:  they were the ones that did all they could to keep this age from starting in the first place (referring to their grandparents in whom they share similar the same mentality).  Their generations were taught not to rock the boat.  Now they are doing so by interfering with how their children need to live today.  Progress is change, and people must change with it.


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