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What Works

May 3, 2012

education (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

What does work in the classroom?  Simple answer is not one size fits all.

That means there should never be one system that educators should follow.  These individual educators should never be told how to teach because that is what they went to college to learn how to do.  The school system should allow them the freedom to do what they were taught and what they love to do…teach.  Every situation in the classroom will be unique each and every day.  Only in the hot seat can the properly trained educator can handle the situation.

A lesson plan must be flexible to allow changes under critical moments when it is needed.  Lesson plans are not supposed to control the students but be a guide for the educator.  The only thing that students are required to do is learn all they can.  Without a flexible structure, they will not.  That is why public schools are failing each and every year.

Dynamic teaching is highly required today for educators.  Static teaching does not work because that form of teaching has no flexibility to change when it is required under the situation in the classroom.  It does not allow interaction with the students in the classroom.  If employers are asking for compatibility and other interaction within a team playing environment, then educators must teach these skills in every subject being taught.

The most import thing to know is that every student is different.  That is why one size cannot fit all regarding teaching in public schools.



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