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Welcome to my Educational Blog

May 2, 2012

Welcome to my educational blog.  This blog is my way to share my understanding of education and educators of the 21st-century.  It is to encourage educators today to teach in this century than what was done in the past.

Through the Internet, I have seen how new and improved ways of teaching works for children today.  All that I have witnessed to are not just opinions.  They are true facts that have worked for a number of classrooms throughout the country if not the world.  It has excited me so much that I wanted to write a blog on all I have seen.

Throughout my own time throughout high school, I have come to realize I have learned more outside of it, even though I graduated in 1986.  Now I am going to college under an English Major.  The more semesters I go through, the more I come to realize how poor of a job public education are to students today.  There countless students that have taken advanced classes in high school and come to realize they do not know as much as they thought they did when they take college classes.

This is an injustice to American students that really want to learn, but are not given the proper motivation in most public schools today.  I hope this blog will enlighten all that are involved regarding teaching the future of America…our children.

Brandon Bowers

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