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The Importance of teaching correctly!

After reading the article from Edutopia (link below), I had to write something about it and what I think should be done about education today in public schools.

This article is titled, “Changing the Teaching of History, One Byte at a Time.” Using the Internet is far more important than just what this article has stated. This new ever fast growing technology is the leading source of how we live today. We spend more time online than anytime on a computer in the recent few years than anytime since 1993.

It is true a lot plays video games, but believe it or not that too is an educational experience that was never taught in public schools when I was in high school. What I have learned is that failure is not only an option, but a necessity! We do learn more from failure in our lives than anytime in our lives. What I was taught in high school was that grades were everything. That is not true at all!

If students learn all they need to learn, then the grades and everything else will follow. A student can have all A’s and not know the material or how to do the job in the real world. There are 32 million adults that cannot read in America. Twenty one percent of adults cannot read past the fifth grade level. If educators in public schools do not teach children for the 21st century and beyond, then they will not be ready for tomorrow.

Due to illiteracy, many cannot fill out a simple job application. Statistics have shown that students will drop out of high school if they cannot read effervescently. Criminals cannot read past the 2nd grade level. I wonder why the Republican Party in the states they reign laid off million of educators jobs in public schools? If there are no proper educators like this one in this article, what lies for our future? There is an answer, and it is for all Americans to vote out politicians that makes a career out of our hard labors and works hard to destroy it.

The Constitution of the United States of America was written for and by the middle class–that is right… WE THE PEOPLE! Either we will see this educator getting laid off from her job from the hard work she will continue to do for the future of our nation–our children, or we can stand up and protect our future.

SecondLife and Education

This post is more about all forms of online education then SecondLife only. There is a library on Info island that in all practical purposes is dead. They seem to be getting the funds to redesign the place, but their fun raising seems to be too slow.

The point is in the post is not SecondLife itself and education, but the most important thing regarding why education is failing students today in the United States of America . If millions of students are graduating from high school while being illiterate, than that means a good many college students are so far behind the eight ball, I personally wonder if they will be literate when they get a degree? That means it is not the tools being used that is the problem, but the educators in the classroom–real or virtual.

Everything in life must use a commodity called money in some form or the other. Just the same, money is not everything. The point is there are somethings money cannot buy. Government has been putting money in all ways possible, but the educational structure stays the same if not getting a lot worse. Money is not the only success means to turn things around–neither is technology ALONE!

SecondLife has proven to work in education, so that is not what is failing students. It is the lack of preparation and willingness of the educators. That means that students cannot teach themselves. That also means all the online education we see on television ads and other media advertisements are no good. Most if not all of these online educational websites have instructors not willing to have a 2-way communication with their students. That means the students are actually teaching themselves.

Before the radicals use my blog to kill any form of technology with education–let it be known–I am for technology with education. What I am simply saying in this post is there is more to education than the tools alone. With out the educator, the tools are useless and dead. The tools alone will not turn illiteracy 180 degrees.




This post is more about all forms of online education then SecondLife only.

The point is in the post is not SecondLife itself and education, but the most important thing regarding why education is failing students today in the United States of America.

SecondLife has proven to work in education, so that is not what is failing students.

Before the radicals use my blog to kill any form of technology with education–let it be known–I am for technology with education. What I am simply saying in this post is there is more to education than the tools alone.






Communication and Socializing in Education

Education vs Experience

Education vs Experience (Photo credit: gtalan)

Why is public education so bad?  There are a lot of reasons, but here are the major ones and why online education is growing–accredit or not.

If learning is a one way street–meaning if we can learn 0n our own, then we would not need a classroom.  Socialization is the key to the life in the 21st century and beyond.  Twitter, Facebook, Google+, StubleUpon, Pinterest, etc. were created NOT by the educators but the average person around the world.  These many individuals understands the importance of communicating.  Why cannot the educators of today learn this?  That is why I have created this blog–to enlighten everyone to jump on the ban wagon that George Lucas Educational Foundation–Edutopia–had stated–proper education in public schools.

For educators to get students to learn all they need to learn it takes more than a one way street.  If it was that easy, then why spend the tax dollars for public school buildings?  First of all, we are not meant to live alone.  Students need to learn to work together even if they do not like some of the individuals they work with–get use to it!  Life is not meant to be easy 100% of the time.  We have to learn to work out our differences–the only way to do so is to start teaching such skills in the classroom.

The next academic steps with social networking is to teach students of all ages how to use these online socialization skills in a productive manner.  Businesses are using all forms of online communication, and they need employees to have the needed skills to carry it out.  This cannot be learned by taking an uninterested and especially a non-accredited online program you see on television these days (Please let me state–I did not call them an educational institution).  These skills must be done within a face-to-face real time social group.

It is true, in today’s world, it is hard to meet the time frame to be in a classroom.  Distant learning is alive and power tool, but it is not for everyone, and there are not enough accredited institutions to carry the ball to the goal line.  SecondLife, a 3-D virtual reality, can be tool to use to create a classroom and have real time interactions.  Before you ask, Linden Labs, the creators of SecondLife made the rules from the start that each educational teachings must be accredited as well as other rules to go by.  Over all distance learning–to my understanding–is kind of iffy.  The students carry the burden to ask the right questions before they spend time and hard earned money on such educational institutions.

As far as this video (below) is concerned, communicating with the students is a vital aspect of proper educating.  That is why public schools cause so many students to go empty handed when they enter a post-secondary educational program like a collage.  Far too many are forced to take remedial classes which are not paid for my any financial aid whatsoever.  Once the right communication is being volleyed by both the educator and the students, then both parties can learn so much more.  That is right, educators can learn from the students.

In the new era we live in today, things are so much different than the past one.  By working together and communicating with each other in real time, it can make all the difference.


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Amanda Palmer: The art of asking

What will happen if we ask our younglings [I say younglings for all that are under the adult age–and yes I am a Star Wars fan] what they think of how the education possess is working/not working?  It is true they may not be able to answer what they should be taught in the classroom, but I believe they are able to know what works and what does not work.

By the method of teaching before I graduated in 1986, there was not much corresponding with the students.  It was like the blind leading the blind.  Neither side learned anything worthwhile.  Now that we have technology to cause all sorts of interactions between educators and students, there is no excuse for bad education in public schools today in the 21st century and beyond.

Students are not the only one that can ask questions.  How can students fully learn in a project based environment if the instructors do not ask their students questions?  Like I said, the younglings cannot know what they should learn.  That means the teacher in the classroom must ask the question for them from time to time.  The more they learn, the more they can know what to ask [I did not state who are the “they.”  That was deliberately done because both sides are learning off of each other].

If the world is going to be a global communication structure with Twitter, Facebook, Google +, MySpace, etc., then we need to prove it in the classroom.  We must learn to communicate with each other in a classroom if the online social interconnection around the world in real time is going to evolve far more than simple passing of words back and forth.  That is why “The Art of Asking” is vitally important.  Thank you.

Technology and Public Education

"Technology has exceeded our humanity"

“Technology has exceeded our humanity” (Photo credit: Toban B.)

No matter if we like it or not, technology is important in our daily lives.  How we teach our children in public schools, must be done on this level and beyond.  Everyone is already advancing computer technology far more than expected in the early 1980s, and public education must focus on this age.

I have heard it from so many in my life that computer technology is a fad that will not stand for much longer.  These closed minded individuals do not see the vastness of it.  Like the Industrial Age in the early 1900s, there were a fair many that said the same things.  Today in the early 2000s, we are so far advanced in our technology, all the science fiction movies and television shows are left in the dust.  True, we are not in a galaxy far, far away nor are we in a star ship were no one has gone before, but what the average person is doing with the technology we do have, they have surpassed all the past advancements used in these old science fictions shows where it counts.

One day, we might harness the energy of a black hole and travel to planet to planet by what has been called a Stargate in one of the most popular science fiction shows of my era, Stargate SG1.  Scientists could figure out how to design and create such a transport device and allow the universe to be populated by beings on Earth.  Before we can achieve this, we must educate our children properly in public schools.

Many have said this and I will say it again here–children must get involved in their education.  This means sitting in a classroom quietly with barely a few questions asked at the end of a lecture does not do it for the 21st Century— if any Century for that matter.  Students must own what they are learning each and every day.  No wonder they cannot remember– at most 50%– of what they learn the next day.  The human brain is not designed to work like a computer holding information.  To be honest–a computer cannot do this either.  Do not believe me, turn your computer off and see how much it remembers to the point where you saved a document or whatever last.

If modern technology cannot do what is required in how public schools have been teaching over the decades, how can children?  Everyone is using some form of technology.  “In three to five years, this technology will be used to the extent that it will be invisible commodities.  Just like electricity, we use it so much that we could not live without it.” (Dr. Michio Kaku) [actually this quote is a paraphrase, but he did say something very similar a number of times].

If Dr. Kaku is right–and I see it nearly happening this way already– then public schools needs to not only integrate this technology in the classroom, and teach children how to be ready for the technologies that have not been invented as of yet.  All of this advanced technology is already out there.  If you believe it or not, you are using it right now, and it is growing faster and faster to the extent it is hard to grab a hold of it in the vastness of it all.  Spite our economic issues, technology has not altered in its alarming fast growth.  Nothing can stop it, nor should they.  Either American education is going to be left in the dust, or we are going to have to change how we teach in public schools.

If America has changed and advanced so much since 1607, then we can change how we teach the children of tomorrow.  American thrives on change–it was founded on this principle.  Whatever has kept public schools from doing what is needed, that needs to be put in the blazing fire, o we can get our children ready for the jobs that do not exist–YET!

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How we live our lives is based on how we think of ourselves.  This is done by the light from within–Find the light from within yourself and allow it to flow through you.

This is done in so many ways, but it all starts in the home and carries onward in the classroom.  That is right, public education is the most outstanding factor in children‘s lives.  This cannot be accomplished without the parents enlightening and raising their children to the fullest.  When parents can teach their children about their bodies alongside sensuality, their enlightenment will explode far more than anything in life.  I have a blog to help guide their own children regarding this.

Without the right attitude of oneself, children nor adults cannot fulfill their objectives.  Fame and recognition is empty without the heart’s desires fulfilled.  Education in public schools should challenge students desires and not our own.  These students are the future of any nation–including the United States of America.  By teaching them to succeed in their dreams and hopes for the future of their personal lives as well as working with others, our nation can thrive with them.

Yes, we ar facing serious financial crises, but if we ignore our children, what future will we have?  We also live in a new era.  if I understand my history right, regarding the transition of the Industrial Age, we suffered through similar status quot.  We made it through it all finally, and we can do it again as long as we do not ignore our future–the children of the 21st Century and beyond.  By giving them the enlightenment in all walks of life–parents, educators, mentors, and everyone else can guide our children to a better tomorrow.

They have to live their own lives for themselves.  We cannot live for them.  The careers that are waiting for them will be completely different ones that were there for past generations.  To parents and educators these careers might appear futile due to the lack on understanding of this new age we live in today.  That is why education must be changed.  It does not need more money, but the willingness to change in the name of our future and their joy and enlightenment that awaits them all.

Parents do not need to be rocket scientists to raise their children.  Educators in the classroom do not need to be supermen/women.  All adults need is to be there for the ones that will lead a nation and the world to a better tomorrow.  They are our future.


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President Lincoln and the 21st Century

English: Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth Presid...

English: Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth President of the United States. Latviešu: Abrahams Linkolns, sešpadsmitais ASV prezidents. Српски / Srpski: Абрахам Линколн, шеснаести председник Сједињених Америчких Држава. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is interesting that Steven Spielberg made this movie today.  We can learn a lot from this, and it does have a great deal to do with how we educate or children today.

In President’s Lincoln’s time, the parents, the church, and all  walk of life taught their children how to hate black people.  This is done today.  Americans are still labeling people due to they are outside their autonomous system.   We label more than just the color of one’s skin.  We label people that are not in our religious circles, our age range, gender, sexual orientation, etc.  I like to know what have we learned since the 13th Amendment became law?  We might be more advanced in technologically but not humanly.

Yes, we can spout out Scripture until the cows come home, but there is one thing that the Word of God teaches, as well as all religious text:  LOVE THY NEIGHBOR.  That is not being done today.  Even politics have turn citizens against each other due to fear and hatred over someone that is different.  There is no reason to fear or hate someone that is different.

Why cannot a female love another female or a male another male?  Who are we to dictate on how and when another loves someone else?  Spite what one might come up with in a religious doctrine does not mean those religious individuals are law makers over all of Earth.

All men are created equal under the law if not under mankind’s evolutionary development.  This not mean that a person that sits on his butt is allowed to get the same pay as the one that works hard for it by the job itself as well as going to college and working hard in order to have that high paying job.  Equality is not a handout, but a power that is never controlled by lawmakers.  If a person is willing to work hard for something in life or not, that person should not be judged by the color of the skin, the gender they were born with, the lifestyle they may choose, or the countless other reasons.

America was founded by hard work and sacrifice.  The harder things go against us, we in time will triumph through it.  We have so many times in the past.  Now in the circle of life, we are faced with the same concept as the making the 13th Amendment, law.  We have citizens that want the same rights as everyone else has today.  They do not want any hand outs due to their way of life.

What does this movie, this President, and this blog post have to due with education?  If one cannot answer that, then that person lost control of what is going on in this country.  When a few loses freedom, we all do.  It does not matter if you think a certain lifestyle is a sin or not or whatever the reasons might be, but under the law, as given by our Founding Fathers, we have the right to believe or not believe any way we bloody well want to do so.

Regarding education, if children are not taught the simple concept that this President has done for us by the 13th Amendment, then we can lose so much more than anyone could ever realize.   Everyone needs to stop teaching children to hate the outside norm.  They do not have to embrace any lifestyle or whatever in order to accept that others have the right to live any direction in life.  That is the power of knowledge.

Only through knowledge and understanding, can we as Americans grow through history.  Yes, history is repeating itself.  The question that needs to be asked, are we going to fail or continue onward as history has presented so many times– YES WE CAN!!  To change our views towards the LGBT community will not be over night, but we can start with baby steps by teaching our children how to live with others that are different.

Schools needs to do this as well.  If children are going to be our future, then we need to stop living in the past.  The hatred of others that do not fit our mold needs to stop!  It is that simple.  If schools are going to teach project based learning and other ways to get children to come together on group projects in order to fulfill what businesses are rightfully begging public education to do, then we as adults must tear down those walls that divides us.

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Creating a Culture of “Can”

Seal of the United States Department of Education

Seal of the United States Department of Education (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In my own experience in going to college, I came to realize that I have enjoyed life more by the challenges that I get nearly every day.  These challenges are at times out right hard, and they can be ever so exhausting.

I know without these challenges, I will not succeed in the way it is required of me when I get a career job under the major I am under.  When I was under the care of public education, I did not come close to these types of challenges, and my teachers should have given me at least half of what I have gotten in college so far.  That tells me I did not learn all that much or as much as I should have done.  When students in public education is given these types of “proper challenges” they will respond as they continue to learn throughout their lives.

There is no motivation in public schools today– not one bit.  Instead, teachers teach what has been taught in the early 1900’s.  Back then businesses wanted their employees to simply do as they were told and that was it.  Today, in this era we are living in, businesses are singing a far different tune.  They are literally begging educators to teach team working skills on all levels as the students climb the grade levels throughout their public education life.

I like the title of this article.  Today if not anytime in human history, culture is everything in just about every way one can think in life.  Living in a new era is a cultural change around the world and in the United States of America.  No matter how one looks at it, there is culture to adhere to in all aspects of our lives.  This can bring a good many interesting challenges.  The more children learn how to deal with them in a classroom environment, the better they can handle them in life as they are working in one kind of a job or the other– including a career.

There is more to life than just working.  Everything we do in life has a purpose and responsibilities to go with it.  That is why it is so important that educators teach in this new era than over two centuries of the past.  We cannot lose sight of our history.  There is learning from history, and there is living in it.  We do need to learn about our history in every way, but not at the expense of living in the moment and preparing for a marvelous future.

Bottom line:  if educators in public schools are not going to teach as they should, then the nation we hold dear could be doomed already.  It is the challenges that will allow us to change in the right way in the right time.  Multiculturalism is a must subject to learn, so the students can learn, be challenged, and grow in the ways they should in our time of life.

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Schools look to add virtual course options

Avery Coonley School student with tablet computer.

Here is a good example how bad politicians are dealing with the educational issues we face in America today.  They solve it by not simple cutbacks, but use technology to destroy the educational process that truly teaches students.

Students cannot teach themselves; that is a given.  Online education without the means of the educator not being there in person for his/her students is not teaching.  Technology is a tool; it is not meant to replace certain things in our lives.  If businesses are literally begging schools to teach students about teamwork and collaboration, then why is government doing the 180 opposite spin?  WE THE PEOPLE need to make a stand and stop this from getting worse, and it will if we simply sit back and allow things to continue.

Parents, how important is your child’s education to you?  What are you willing to do?  Here is your chance!

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Sex Education Is Also a Right

English: Flowchart displaying federal funding ...

English: Flowchart displaying federal funding for sex education programs in the United States for Fiscal Year 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have wondered, if sex education was truly taught in public school, would the students work together a lot better?  The right attitude and education makes all the difference in collaboration in the classroom.

How I see it, the biggest problem with students working together is the understanding of each other.  Boys must realize that the girls are not like them and the other way around.  This also the reason that the educators have issues with their students.  Believe it or not, a lot are very confused with this subject.  Just the same, this trend needs to be broken.

There is nothing scary with the human body.  Just the same, we fear it.  Until we come to terms with this humungous fear, America will not get out of the hole we refuse to get out of regarding this important aspect of our lives.  Schools cannot teach this important subject alone.  Parents have their responsibilities too.

The more we learn about ourselves and each other, the more we can understand how to work together. For the 21st-century and beyond, there is no better time for teamwork in the work place and life itself.

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